Merry Christmas to all Prima members & their families 
       Merry Christmas

& a Happy 2021

The Magic of Christmas

 A long, long time ago baby Jesus was born & that was the first Christmas day, Christmas means Jesus’s birthday.  When he was born, three kings knew how special the baby Jesus was & so they brought him presents of gold, frankincense & myrrh.

On our birthday we all like to get presents & want all our family to be happy with us & have a nice time.  Jesus was a very special baby & he wanted everyone in the world to share in his birthday happiness with him, men, women, boys & girls, black, white, brown & yellow, he loved everyone.

So he thought of me, Father Christmas.  He told me it was my job to make sure that every Christmas day, everyone was to join in his birthday fun & have presents, be happy & love everyone.  “Well, I can’t make all those presents by myself” I said.  “That’s easy, you can have as many elves & fairies as you need” he said.  “Where will we all live & work?” I asked.  Jesus said “Ah well, we do have some spare room in heaven, where I live far above the clouds, but it’s where we keep all the snow & it’s rather cold.”  I remembered how when I was a little boy I used to love playing in the snow, making snowmen & sledging.  My mom used to make me put on my wellies & wrap up in a thick coat & I never got cold.  “Ok Jesus,” I said “the snow will be alright, I’ve got a thick red coat.” “But how can I get all those presents & deliver them to everyone around the world in just one night?” I asked.  Jesus said “don’t worry about that Father Christmas, I’ll help you, I am the son of God & can do miracles.”  “What’s a miracle?” I asked him.  “Magic” he said & magic is just what it is. All the next year the fairies & elves made presents for everyone in the world & wrapped them up in pretty paper.  There was so many presents, every colour & shape you could think of & stacked up as high as a mountain.  The night before Christmas I went to Jesus & told him that everything was ready.  “Come with me” he said & led me off to an old barn.  We went inside & there it was, an enormous sledge with six reindeer in front!  Jesus said “Ha-ha Father Christmas you’re not the only one that likes to go sledging.”  We filled the sledge with presents & off we went to deliver them around the world.  We delivered all the presents in the sledge & went back home for more, trip after trip until they were all delivered & everyone in the world would wake up to a present from Father Christmas & Jesus.  “We had done it!”  I said to Jesus “How did we deliver all those presents in just one night?”  Jesus just smiled & said “It’s magic”.  The poor reindeer were exhausted & very cold, in fact the one that had been at the front had the biggest red nose you’ve ever seen.  We took them back to the barn, but it was so cold.  “Couldn’t they come home with me?” I asked Jesus.  “Father Christmas” he said “You’re freezing cold & tired out & yet you still think about the reindeer, now I know I picked the right man for the job & from now on you can do the job without me.”  “But I haven’t given you your present yet,” & with that he placed his hand on my head & said a little prayer.  “There” he said “My present to you is the magic of Christmas.”  The trouble with reindeer is they love to play & race each other & sometimes they knock some of the snow out of heaven.  So the next time it snows, look up & you might just see a red nose reindeer. Have a very Happy Christmas


Love from Santa Claus.

The true meaning of Christmas

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