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What is a Try-Dive?

A try-Dive lets you experience the thrill of diving under the supervision of an experienced instructor in a swimming pool. During your Try-Dive, you'll master some basic physiological concepts and understand some of the diving skills before plunging into the weightless underwater environment. We take individuals or small groups of up to four persons who want to experience scuba diving for the first time or even the second.

Each Try-Dive is about 1 hour in duration. This includes poolside tuition on basic diving techniques and equipment. This is followed by a scuba dive in the pool with your own BSAC qualified instructor to make sure that you get maximum enjoyment from your first dive. 

The Try-Dive Covers:

  • A brief explanation on the major parts of a SCUBA set and their use 
  • An explanation of ear clearing, so that your progression to depth is made comfortably and safely 
  • Instruction on key hand signals, so that you and your instructor can communicate in this silent world 
  • Instruction on fitting and demisting a mask 
  • Explanation and demonstration in breathing from an aqualung and an opportunity to try it yourself 
  • Explanation and demonstration on how buoyancy control works and a chance to try it yourself 
  • Once you are comfortable and happy, we can try swimming underwater and allow you to experience the weightless underwater environment 
  • If you are confident enough and, more importantly, you want to, we will teach you some more skills such as barrel rolls, somersaults etc... 
This is all about fun, you will only do what you feel comfortable with. You can even bring along a disposable underwater camera to record your first exploration into the underwater world.

What do I need?

  • Swimming costume or shorts 
  • An optional 'T' shirt to wear in the water 
  • Any mask or fins you may already have, but we can supply these 
  • And... A sense of adventure...and fun! 
Are there any restrictions?

The only requirements are that you are at least 14 years old and have no significant medical problems (especially heart conditions, serious ear or sinus problems, lung damage, asthma, fits or epilepsy). If you have any questions about medical restrictions, please phone our Training Officer and ask him for advice.

How much will it cost?

We normally ask for a £15 donation per person for this unique experience. The funds will go to our club, which is a non-profit making organisation. However this donation may be waived if, following your enjoyable Try-Dive, you wish to join the club for further training. Click Here to get your special 5.00 DISCOUNT VOUCHER

Where are you located?

Full directions of how to find us will be given to you when you book your Try-Dive.
There are links to interactive maps given on our contacts page.

When do you do Try-Dives?

We can run a Try-Dive almost any Tuesday evening from 7:45pm to 9pm at the swimming pool. You will need to book as availability might be limited.

How do I book?

If you would like to do a Try-Dive, email or telephone  the Training Officer in the evening. He will arrange a mutually convenient time and date with you.

Where do I go from here?

This is a no obligation try-dive, and is open to young and old alike. All that we ask is that you bring with you an open mind, your swim suit and a sense of fun!

If you would like to continue with the sport of Sub-Aqua, Prima Sub Aqua welcomes new members into its training programmes. Here you can meet new people, and have fun as you explore the underwater world. If you decide to join we will waive the cost of the Try-Dive.

Take the plunge, & we look forward to seeing you.

Al and Vicky

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