Train for Adventure


    Issue 2                                                                                               January 2007


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Welcome to the second issue of our newsletter.

 We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Wish you all a Very Happy New Year. If you received the newsletter by email and could not open it please let us know. Copies can be picked up at pool/pub the first Tuesday of the month for members who are unable to get to the pool/pub on a regular basis.  You are invited to contribute anything you think might interest. members.

Items for Sale

Dinner Dance - 2nd December

Miros 7mm Semi Dry.
Small Size £80 Ring John
Searle : Tel 01543 451480

Miros Blue Dry Suit Size
14-16 - £200
Ladies 5mm Wet Suit Size
14-16 - £50 Ring Chris Bennett: Tel 07980 728425

If you have any items for sale please let us know.

 Well !!!  If you did not attend the dinner dance, this is what you missed:- 

The presentations made by Diving Officer Phil Kinsman were.  Ashley Munday obtained Ocean Diver plus Trainee of the Year,  Richard Mace received Advanced Diver.                    

Phil & George Babbington received cross-over certificates.

Diver of the Year and Members Member went to Tim Beech.

Dive Monster was given to Sue Mace with 103 dives.

Last of all the Brass Ass went to non other but our Chairman, Paul Waddell.

The meal was quite good by dinner dance standards and the alcoholic was flowing freely.  Our guests for the evening from the 2 dive shops in the area were well behaved all evening. 

Bouquets of flowers were given to Lil for all her hard work throughout the year, which of course will be shared by Geoff, and another given to Angela Scarratt our Mother in waiting. We will of course let you all know when the happy event occurs.

The disco was slow to begin with but eventually he got the message, well I think he did, there seemed to be more dancing going on in the last half hour, perhaps that’s because everyone was well oiled by then.


Editors Corner

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this months issue, and apologies for any mistakes we’ve missed.

Any further articles for next months edition would be appreciated, (any gossip, scandals, etc that’s printable) so let us know by 19th December

Hope you enjoyed this first issue, as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together during long hours of serious discussion - the nights of boozing and eating are a vicious rumour!!

Thanks to the Editors: Sue Mace, Wendy Munday, Phillipa Cresswell, Jessamy Koratoga                                                                   Back