This Data is for a general guide only.  As ever your dive should be correctly planed & researched beforehand.

Site Type Area Depth Slack Lat. Long. Slip SeaTrip BestDoverHW(Adj) Divenote
Moldavia wreck Littlehampton 28-48m  -6 HW Dover; neaps only 50°23.133'N 00°28.720'W Littlehampton 24/3:00 2000 NEAP Armed merchant cruiser, 9.5KT, 156m, 1903-1918, port side, dive stern
Ore Wreck wreck Littlehampton 11m  -1..2 HW Dover +5..6 50°40.840'N 00°28.915'W Littlehampton 8/0:40 0500..0600&1200..1300 Coaster, broken with boilers & engines to see, well dived, big cod/pollack in winter, iron ore
Shirala wreck Littlehampton 16-24m  -1..2 HW Dover +5..6 50°40.915'N 00°35.217'W Littlehampton 5/0:30 0500..0600&1200..1300 Liner, 5.3KT, 1901-1918, N to bow S, elephant tusks! wine stone-jars car/lorry spares telescopes binos ammo bombs
Northcoates wreck Littlehampton 20-26m  -1..2 HW Dover +5..6 50°39.764'N 00°35.451'W Bognor 8/0:40 0500..0600&1200..1300 RN armed trawler, 277T, 1918-1944, m/c guns, Enfield cartridges
War Helmet wreck Littlehampton 23m  -1..2 HW Dover +5..6 50°39.379'N 00°36.594'W Bognor 7/0:40 0500..0600&1200..1300 GB WW1 liberty ship, 8.2KT, 138m, 1917-1918, bow NW to SE, stern broken, 3 boilers & engine room, ballast
Waldrons reef Littlehampton 25m  -1 HW Dover +6 50°45.000'N 00°38.000'W Bognor 2/0:10 0430&1130 Massive sandstone boulders, caves, shingle bed, lobster & crab
Basil wreck Littlehampton 28-35m  -1 HW Dover +6 50°34.609'N 00°38.202'W Bognor 12/1:00 0530&1230 GB steamer, 3.2KT, 101m, 1895-1917, 45° port, ammunition
Gascony wreck Littlehampton 27-30m  -1..2 HW Dover +5..6 50°39.373'N 00°39.373'W Bognor 7/0:40 0500..0600&1200..1300 Steamer? 3.1KT, 108m, 1908-1918, inverted, opening up- can swim in, gun carriage wheels, guns hay charcoal
Carbineer wreck Littlehampton 19-25m  -1..2 HW Dover +5..6 50°35.849'N 00°40.449'W Bognor 11/1:00 0500..0630&1200..1330 GB cargo steamer, 1.3KT, 66m, sunk 1914, general cargo
Hedwig wreck Littlehampton 30m  -1..2 HW Dover +5..6 50°35.706'N 00°41.416'W Bognor 10/0:50 0500..0600&1200..1300 German cargo ship, 424T, sank 1974, starboard side bows N, failry intact
Mulberry (far) wreck Selsey 9m OK exc. -5 HWSp Dover +0..3 50°44.633'N 00°42.317W Bognor 2.5/0:15 Any D-day harbour unit WW2, 6Kt, 62m, broken, sharp steel, shoals of fish, great novice dive 
Mixon Hole scenic Selsey 29m HW Dover+5 (-2 LW Selsey) 50°42.330'N 00°46.330'W Bracklesham 5/0:25 0530 (LW Selsey 1230) Steep N face- great drop off, crabs & scenery, Shallower S face, standing stones! Great dive
U-1195 wreck SE IoW 26-30m  -1 HW Dover +5 50°33.280'N 00°56.005'W Eastney 15/1:30 0700&1300 German sub, 61m, sunk 1945, 45deg to starb'd, bows NE to SW, often good viz
Cuba wreck SE IoW 32M  -1 HW Dover +5 50°36.000'N 00°58.580'W Eastney 12/1:00 0600&1200 French pass liner, 11.4KT, 145m, 1923-1945, well broken but still "fascinating dive", portholes still buried
Wapello wreck SE IoW 25m  -1 HW Dover +5 50°31.880'N 01°01.120'W Eastney 16/1:30 0700&1300 Oiler, 5.6KT, 121m, sunk 1917, near Camberwell, benzine
Bembridge Ledge scenic SE IoW 7-15m  -1.5 HW Dover +5.5 50°41.100'N 01°02.750'W Eastney 7/0:40 0530&1230 Favourite for divers, lots crab/lobtster, misc scattered wreckage, bit with good viz
Camberwell wreck SE IoW 21-31m  -1 HW Dover +5 50°31.950'N 01°02.800'W Eastney 16/1:30 0700&1300 GB steamer, 4.1KT, 112m, sunk 1917, might be Wapello, bows intact mids broken, big interesting site, general cargo
France Aimee wreck SE IoW 10-13m  -1 HW Dover +5 50°40.010'N 01°03.270'W Eastney 8/0:40 0530&1230 French collier, 700T, 1901-1918, stern intact, port silted starb'd collapsed bows buried, coal
Leon wreck SE IoW 22-30m  -1 HW Dover +5 50°35.700'N 01°03.670'W Eastney 12/1:00 0630&1230 French steamer, 2.4KT, 90m, sunk 1918, heeled to starboard, well broken midships, stone jars of blue ink
P12 wreck SE IoW 10-13m  -1 HW Dover +5 50°39.400'N 01°05.000'W Eastney 9/0:45 0600&1200 Patrol boat, 613T, 74m, 1916-1918, stern section only, cross-tide, upright, engines/gauges, depth charges (safe)
Highland Brigade wreck SE IoW 19-29m  -1 HW Portsmouth +5 50°34.830'N 01°05.020'W Eastney 12/1:00 0630&1230 Merchant steamer, 5.7KT, 116m, 1901-1918, E to W, list to port, stern high, tin ingots & telephone kit
Camswan wreck SE IoW 18m  -1 HW Dover +5 50°38.530'N 01°05.380'W Eastney 10/0:50 0600&1200 GB steamer, 3.4KT, 102m, 1917 maiden voyage, interesting- lots to explore, strong ebb tide, coal
Boxer wreck SE IoW 17-20M  -1 HW Dover +5 50°37.770'N 01°06.340'W Eastney 11/1:00 0600&1200 GB Destroyer, 61m, 1895-1918, largely gone bar boilers, rum jars in mud
Luis wreck SE IoW 13-17m  -2..3.5 HW Portsmouth +5 50°37?.270N 01°09.550W Eastney 13/1:10 0530&1300..1400 GB merchant steamer, 2.5KT, 114m, 1916-1918, well broken, poor viz, shells cordite brass heads
Witte Zee wreck SW IoW 26-32m  -0..1 HW Portsmouth +5 50°35.830'N 01°28.400'W Keyhaven 12/1:00 0600&1200 Dutch ocean going tug, 328T, 37m, 1943-1964, bow N to S, 
Scratchell's Bay scenic SW IoW 15-15m  -1 HW Portsmouth +5 50°39.400'N 01°34.700'W Keyhaven 6/0:30 0530&1130 "Can be exciting as never know what you will come across"...
Somali wreck Farnes 19-28m  HW & LW Seahouses +1:30 55°33.900'N 01°36.400'W Beadnell     Steamer, 6.8KT, 140m, sank 1941, upright, mostly complete, engine room with boilers
Baron Garioch wreck Poole 40m  -1 HW Devonport +5 50°31.340'N 01°45.820'W Swanage 9/0:45 1130&1930 GB steamer, 1.8KT, 80m, 1895-1917, vis good
Clan Macvey wreck Poole 20m  -1 HW Devonport +5 50°39.650'N 01°46.720'W Christchurch 6/0:30 1130&1930 UK Steamer, 5.8KT, 120m, 1918-1918, poor viz, coal
Everleigh wreck Poole 31-43m  -1 HW Devonport +5 50°29.320'N 01°47.000'W Swanage 10/0:50 1130&1930 GB steamer, 5.2KT, sunk 1945
Betsy Anna wreck Bournemouth 25m  -1 HW Devonport +5 50°37.000'N 01°48.830'W Swanage 6/0:30 1130&1930 UK, 880T, 62m, 1892-1926, wrongly named Dagmar before
Valentine Tank Inverted   Poole 15m  -1 HW Devonport +5 50°39.490'N 01°53.310'W Swanage 3.5/0:20 1130&1930 Inverted amphibian tank, poor viz (HW neaps best),  turret lying off front
Valentine Tank upright   Poole 15m  -1 HW Devonport +5 50°39.400'N 01°53.350'W Swanage 3.5/0:20 1130&1930 Intact, upright amphibian tank, poor viz (HW neaps best)
Peveril Ledge reef Purbeck 10-23m  -1 HW Dover +6 50°36.380'N 01°56.000'W Swanage 1/0:05 0500&1200 Serious overfalls- CARE, good viz (HW slack best), brilliant, crab lobster sponges 
Carantan wreck Purbeck 30m?  -1 HW Dover +6 50°34.930'N 01°56.230'W Swanage 3/0:15 0530&1230 Sub escort ship, near Kyarra
Kyarra wreck Purbeck 30m  -1 HW Dover +6 50°34.900'N 01°56.570'W Swanage 3/0:15 0530&1230 Clyde steamer, 7KT, 125m, 1903-1918, bow NE to SW, beer champaign perfume vinegar worcs.sauce watches ...
St Aldhelm's Ledge reef Purbeck 10-55m!  -1 HW Dover +6 NEAP 50°34.030'N 02°03.550'W Kimmeridge 3/0:15 0530&1230 NEAP 20m cliff, dangerous overfalls, anemones large-lobsters
Iolanthe wreck Purbeck 35-45m  -1 HW Devonport +5..6 50°27.630'N 02°07.980'W Kimmeridge 9/0:45 1030..1130&1800 GB steamer, 3.1KT, 98m, 1904-1917, good viz, railway trucks!
Aeolean Sky wreck Purbeck 30m  -2:30  HW Portland +3:30 NEAP 50°30.595'N 02°08.410'W Kimmeridge 6/0:30 1130&1830 NEAP Greek freighter, 14.4KT, 138m, sunk 1979, port side, stern N, bows 4m off, bottles & machinery
Black Hawk (fore)  wreck Worbarrow 9-12m  OK (-1 HW Devonport +5) 50°36.828'N 02°12.390'W Kimmeridge 3/0:15 Any US liberty, 7.2KT, sunk 1945, in two halves- pipe between, bow with Danforth anchor
Alex van Opstel wreck Purbeck 29m  -2:30 HW Portland +1 50°32.430'N 02°15.990'W Kimmeridge 7/0:35 1500&1830?? Belgian pass liner, 6KT, 126m, 1937-1939, SW to NE bows
Lulworth Banks reef Lulworth banks 12-24m OK anytime as drift 50°35.600'N 02°16.300'W Kimmeridge 5.5/0:30 Any Try these co-ords! Highly varied: drop-offs, bluffs, sand gulleys, gravel, pinnacles, flat-stone reefs, scallops
British Inventor wreck Lulworth banks 21m  -2 HW Devonport +2 50°35.520'N 02°18.480'W Ferrybridge 6/0:30 1130&1930 GB cargo, 7.1Kt, 129m, fuel & diesel oil
Binnendijk wreck Weymouth bay 19-27m  -2..3 HW Portland +3 50°32.120'N 02°20.000'W Ferrybridge 6/0:30 1230&1800..1900 Dutch steamer, 7KT, 120m, sunk 1939
Elenor R.  wreck Weymouth bay 20-27m  -2..3 HW Portland +3 50°30.180'N 02°20.630'W Ferrybridge 8/0:40 1330&1830..1930 Greek steamer, 4.5KT, 111m, sunk 1939, well salvaged, viz good
Ethel wreck Portland 32-38m  -2..3 HW Portland +3:30 50°27.690'N 02°24.550'W Ferrybridge 9/0:45 1330&1830..1930 Steamship, 1.5-2KT, sunk 1945ish?, plenty of portholes still, plaice around wreck
Hood wreck Portland 2-15m  -4:30 HW Portland +5;&HW? 50°34.100'N 02°25.200'W Ferrybridge 2/0:10 1030&2000 Battleship, 14KT, sunk 1914 as blockship, inverted, holes in side, great dive
Black Hawk (stern)  wreck Portland 36m  -2..3 HW Portland +3..4 50°26.200'N 02°25.300'W Ferrybridge 10/0:50 1230..1330&1830..1930 Other half of Worbarrow wreck
Gertrude wreck Portland 11m OK anytime 50°32.770'N 02°26.950'W Ferrybridge 10/0:50 Any Sank 1894, plates boiler & anchor, viz usually good, loads of fish, iron pyrite
James Fennel wreck Portland 12-18m OK bar -1..3 HW Portland 50°32.650'N 02°27.300'W Ferrybridge 10/0:50 Any Admiralty steam trawler, sank 1920, well broken, interesting, good dive
Minerve wreck The Bill 2-10m  HW Portland +4:30 50°31.010'N 02°27.300'W Ferrybridge 8/0:40 1130 French sub, sunk 1945, well broken, scenic if missed, lead & brass
Pulpit Rock reef Portland 10-30m  HW Portland +4 NEAP 50°30.630'N 02°27.800'W Ferrybridge 8/0:40 1100 NEAP Rocky ledges, good viz, crab lobster
Frognor wreck Lyme 34m  -3 HW Portland +4..5 50°32.000'N 02°32.970W West Bay 10/0:50 1130..1230&1930 Noweigan steamer, 1.5KT, sunk 1918, well salvaged
UB74 wreck Lyme 34m  -3 HW Portland +4..5 50°31.800'N 02°33.180'W Ferrybridge 11/1:00 1130..1230&1930 German sub, 670T, 55m, sunk 1918, near Frognor, heavily salvaged but good dive
P555 wreck Lyme 33-40m  -3 HW Portland +4..5 50°30.870'N 02°33.350'W Ferrybridge 12/1:00 1130..1230&1930 US sub,1.1KT, 66m, sunk 1947, E to W, intact
M2 wreck Lyme 32m  -4 HW Portland +4..5 50°34.580'N 02°33.770'W West Bay 11/1:00 1130..1230&1930 GB Sub, 89m, 1918-1932, adapted for sea plane, loads of sponges, colourful, great dive
Bittern/Hazzard wreck Lyme 27-33m  -2..3 HW Portland +3..4 50°33.670'N 02°37.400'W West Bay 9/0:45 1230..1330&1830..1930 GB destroyer, sunk 1918, NW to SE, st'bd list, 
Sidon wreck Lyme 28-36m  -2..3 HW Portland +3..4 50°32.780'N 02°38.400'W West Bay 11/1:00 1230..1330&1830..1930 Sub, sunk1957, NW to SE, excellent dive
Pomeranian wreck Lyme 27-34m  -2..3 HW Portland +3..4 50°33.500'N 02°41.380'W West Bay 8/0:40 1230..1330&1830..1930 Liner, 4.2KT, 114m, sunk 1918, E to W, govt stores- divers helmets? Doulton smelting pots
Buccaneer wreck Lyme 33-44m  -2..3 HW Portland +3..4 50°29.230'N 02°41.650'W West Bay 10/0:50 1230..1330&1830..1930 Armed navy tug
St Dunstan wreck Lyme 19-27m OK anytime 50°38.270'N 02°41.930'W West Bay 5/0:30 Any Bucket dredger, 60m, sank 1917, upside down/twisted, engine room open, viz good, great dive
Salsette wreck Lyme 33-48m  -2..3 HW Portland +3..4 50°29.630'N 02°43.050'W Ferrybridge 17/1:30 1230..1330&1830..1930 P&O liner, 5.8KT, 132m, sunk 1917, N to bow S, 30° to port, 600 portholes (NB 'holes'!) scallops
Moidart wreck Lyme 27-35m  -2..3 HW Portland +3..4 50°33.970'N 02°47.250'W West Bay 9/0:45 1230..1330&1830..1930 Armed merchant steamer, 90m, NW to SE, bow upright, stern broken/st'bd side, near Ailsa Craig
Ailsa Craig wreck Lyme 28-36m  -2..3 HW Portland +3..4 50°33.600'N 02°47.500'W West Bay 9.5/0:50 1230..1330&1830..1930 GB steamer, sunk 1918, stern st'bd, NE to SW, near Moidart, coal
Coral Garden reef Lyme 25m OK- 1Kt max drift 50°41..42'N 02°51..53'W The Cob 3/0:15 Any Wide reef of boulder strewn ledges- spectacular colours & life
Gibel Hamam wreck Lyme 24-31m  -2..3 HW Portland +3..4 50°35.870'N 02°53.200'W West Bay 8/0:40 1230..1330&1830..1930 GB steamer, 700T, sunk 1918, 
Baygitano wreck Lyme 18m OK anytime 50°41.800'N 02°56.050'W The Cob 1.5/0:10 Any GB steamer, 3KT, well broken, good vis, scallops around
Empress of India wreck Babbacombe 31-44m  -1..2 HW Devonport +5..6 50°29.690'N 02°57.700'W The Cob 13/1:10 1200..1300&1900..2000 Battleship, 16KT, 114m, 1893-1913, target, inverted, hole in side, fabulous but advanced dive
Bretagne wreck Babbacombe 18-25m  OK all but worst 50°29.450'N 03.22.620'W Teignmouth 6/0:30 Any Norwegian Schooner/steamer, 1.44KT, 70m, sunk 1918, bow SW, good dive/viz, coal
Ursa wreck Babbacombe 30m  -1..2 HW Devonport +4..6 50°33.170'N 03°07.830'W Teignmouth 14/1:20 1230..1330&1930..2130 Swedish steamer, 1.7KT, sunk 1918, little dived- enigma
Glocliffe wreck Tor Bay 26-38m OK all but -4..6 HW Devonport Springs 51°27.080'N 03°17.280'W Brixham 8/0:40 Any pretty much GB steamer, 2.2KT, 87m, sunk 1917, 100% on port side, stern high, NW to SE, well preserved, coal
Perrone wreck Babbacombe 21-29m  -2 HW Devonport +4..5 (gen OK) 50°28.230'N 03°22.780'W Teignmouth 6/0:30 1230..1330&1930..2130 UK cable-layer steamer, 3.3KT, 96m, 1882-1917, stern st'bd
Sevilla wreck Tor Bay 30-41m OK all but -4..6 HW Devonport Springs 51°24.300'N 03°22.850'W Brixham 6/0:30 Any pretty much Norwegian steamer, 1.3KT, 79m, 1913-1918, in good state, Cadiz wine oranges sparkling wine crockery (marked Kristiania)
Exeters reefs Babbacombe 24m ave OK but for -4..6 HW Devonport springs 50°31'N 03°22.9'W Teignmouth 5/0:30 Any Gullies pinnacles plateaux, corals, crustaceans flatties, scallops, all good diving
Greleen wreck Tor Bay 30-40m OK all but -4..6 HW Devonport Springs 51°25.000'N 03°23.000'W Brixham 6/0:31 Any pretty much  
Stryn wreck Tor Bay 30-40m OK all but -4..6 HW Devonport Springs 51°25.000'N 03°23.000'W Brixham 6/0:30 Any pretty much GB, 2.1KT, 86m, 1901-1918, port side, ballast
Northville wreck Tor Bay 30-39m OK all but -4..6 HW Devonport Springs 51°24.420'N 03°24.550'W Brixham 5/0:30 Any pretty much GB steamer, 2.5KT, 93m, sunk 1918, upright, bows SE & high, stern completely broken off, silty, coal
Galicia wreck Babbacombe 20m Prob OK 50°33.270'N 03°26.170'W Teignmouth 3/0:15 Any GB ship, 5.9KT, 120m, classy, 1901-1917, cloth & cement
Dudley Rose wreck Tor Bay 29-35m OK all but -4..6 HW Devonport Springs 51°23.630'N 03°26.330'W Brixham 4/0:20 Any pretty much Admiralty collier, 1.6KT, 76m, 1929-1941, upright, complere, care: nets & bombs, coal
Soudan wreck Salcombe 13-18m  HW & LW 50°12.480'N 03°46.520'W Salcombe 1.5/0:10 0530 after Dive Time French steamer, 844T, sank 1887, popular dive, peanuts hides oil
Maine wreck The Bolt 22-37m  Local HW +2 & LW +2:30 50°12.750'N 03°50.880'W Salcombe 4/0:20 1300..1900 GB cargo, 113m, 1905-1917, upright, cross-tidechalk goatskins
Persier wreck Bigbury 18-28m OK most times 50°17.000'N 03°58.150'W Inner Hope 5/0:30 Any Steamer, sunk 1945, bow high, 3 boilers, provisions
Mew Stone Sub scenic Plymouth 12-26m OK but for HW&LW Devonport 50°18'200N 04°06.500'W Bovvy 2/0:10 Any German sub, 30m, 45 degree angle, scenic dive if missed
Poulmic wreck Plymouth 15-20m  -3 HW Devonport +3 (gen OK) 50°19.080'N 04°09.630'W Bovvy 1.5/0:10 Any French transporter - minesweeper, 350T, 37m, sank 1940, Oerlikon AA shells (care)
Eddystone Lighthouse reef Plymouth Var  -2..3 HW Devonport +3..4 50°10.800'N 04°16.870'W Bovvy 11/1:00 1200..1300&1800..1900 Gulleys drop-offs great marine life usu good viz
Hands Deeps reef Plymouth    -2..3 HW Devonport +3..4 50°12.580'N 04°20.300'W Bovvy 12/1:00 1200..1300&1800..1900 Pinnacles & gulleys, marine life good
James Egan Layne wreck Plymouth     50°'N 04°20'W Bovvy      
Cambro wreck S Wales 12-22m  -1 HW Milford H. +5 51°50'N 05°20'W        
Dakotian wreck Pembroke 1-18m   51°50'N 05°20'W        
Lucy wreck Pembroke 42m   51°50'N 05°20'W        
Breda wreck Mull 15-30m  OK anytime 56°28.570'N 05°25.000'W Ardmuckinsh     Dutch liberty steamship, 6.9KT, 123m, sunk 1942, bows @ 24m, well swept & salvaged, most hull intact, shoes magnesium half track vehs NAAFI goods horses planes 
Hera wreck Falmouth 15m   56°30'N 05°40'W Mylor      
Rondo wreck Mull 3-50m! Essential-  LW Dover +0:30 56°32.280'N 05°54.720'W Tobermory/Oban     2.4KT, 80m, sank 1935, upright at steep angle on rocks of Dearg Sgeir, stern high, sponges & anemones, 
Eilean Mor   Jura (Firth of Lorne) 15-34m Essential 55°30'N 05°55'W Croabh Haven     High energy site, masses of marine life
Hispania wreck Mull 15-30m  -0:30 HW Dover 56°34.950'N 05°59.150'W Salen/Fiunary     Cargo steamer, 1.3KT, 81m, sank 1954, 'Splendid sight', intact, list to starbd, bows inshore, deck 25m, covered in anemones

You should understand that the relative times of high water between ports varies considerably – and therefore the associated times of slack water.

Tide tables are published for individual ports because of this. Minor port High waters are calculated using difference Tables that give varying ‘differences’ depending on neap/spring and time of day.